Wedding Brazil 10 places in Brazil for your dream day

Wedding Brazil - Brazil is becoming an ever increasing popular destination for weddings and why not? Whats not to like with its huge exotic coastline, offering great weather warm and colourful people and tropical cuisine.

It can be tricky for non Brazilian's to marry in the country however it is possible and for those of you that are exploring the options you can take a look at the following link on the documents needed to get married in Brazil.

If you are undecided on Wedding Brazil as your destination  lets have a look at 10 dream locations in Brazil to stage your special day.

1. Espaço Galiileu on the island of Ilhabela in the State of Sao Paulo - Wedding Brazil

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  • Espaco Galiileo - Ilhabela
  • Espaco Galiileo - Ilhabela
  • Espaco Galiileo - Ilhabela
  • Espaco-Galiileo-Ilhabela
  • Espaco-Galiileo-Ilhabela
  • Espaco-Galiileo-Ilhabela

Located on the Island of Ilhabela which means "beautiful island" where better to make a wedding! The island is approx  a 4 hour drive from Sao Paulo with a 20 minute ferry crossing with the car.

Ilhabela has become a very popular wedding destination with each weekend most of the wedding spaces staging events. The island offers spectacular views and has many wonderful chapels / chruches to make the ceremony should you not wish to make the ceremony at the space itself. Espaço Galiileu offers the ceremony overlooking the sea with dreamy panoramic views or inside also facing the sea should the weather not permit. This is usually decided on the day.

The space itself is located on the north side of the island and can accomodate from between 50-400 people events. They offer a list of local suppliers to help you organize your event andl there is plenty of hotels/pousada's and Bed and breakfasts close by to accommodate your guests.

For further information about Espaço  Galiileu and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


2. At Terraço Itália in the centre of Sao Paulo

  • terraço-italia-wedding-sao-paulo
  • wedding-terraço-italia-Sao-Paulo
  • terraço-italia-Sao-Paulo
  • terraço-italia-weddings-panorama
  • casamento-terraço-italia
  • terraço-italia-weddings

Located in the city centre of Sao Paulo on Avenida Ipiranga, Terraço Itália is one of the tallest buildings on the city that offers breathtaking views of the skyline of South America's largest city. At the very top you can book the terrance space and  restauarant service for your wedding.

With probably the best view of Sao Paulo from above this venue is in high demand so you will need to organize yourselves in advance. Offering some of the best Italian cuisine in the city, so if Italian is your food of choice for your wedding then Terraço Itália is definately a good option. Note that the Terrace does not offer tasting/degustations for weddings so your best bet would be to visit the restaurant and try the food.

The venue holds approx 150 guests comfortable and obviously to use an exclusive venue as Terraço Itália to hire the space will not be cheap.

For further information about Terraço Itália and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


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3. Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro - Wedding Brazil

  • Rio-de-Janeiro Belmond-Copacabana-Palace
  • copacabana-palace-wedding----Rio-de-Janeiro
  • copacabana-palace-wedding-Rio-de-Janeiro
  • copacabana-palace-view
  • Rio-de-Janeiro---Copacabana-Palace
  • copacabana-palace-view-of-beach

The most famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro and the venue of choice the rich and famous. The Copacabana Palace is rich in history and located on the beach front in the "City of God".

The hotel has an events team specially to help you organize your event and the Hotel offers a variety of spaces to hold your event depending on the size of your wedding party. The Copacabana Palace can stage events from 90 - 1200 guests.

The chefs can provide a menu that fits your cuisine of choice, buffets and meet any of your dietary requirements. A wedding a the Copacabana hotel will not come cheap, but it is the number one venue in Rio de Janeiro.

For further information about the Belmond Copacabana Hotel and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


4.  Wedding Brazil -  Ferradura Inn Exclusive Armação dos Búzios in the state of Rio de Janeiro

  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios
  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios-2
  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios-3
  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios-4
  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios-5
  • Ferradura-Inn-wedding---Buzios-6

North of Rio de Janeiro is located the Region of the lakes and the coastal town of Buzios made famous by Brigette Bardot. Buzios is a very popular destination for weddings and offers various spaces.

We have chosen the Ferradura Inn for its spendid beachfront setting to make the ceremony. The inn offers a 1000m2 garden to stage the event, swimming pool and accomodation with the wedding package.

The Inn will provide you with all the resources need to stage your event and options regarding the buffet, dj and the type of structure you require for your event. Buzios offers spectacular views and sunsets. The town is only 2h 30 mins from Rio de Janeiro and Ferradura can accommodate for weddings of upto 300 guests.

For further information about the Ferradura Inn Exclusive and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


5. Villas de Trancoso in the state of Bahia

  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia-4
  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia-5
  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia-6
  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia
  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia-2
  • Villas-de-Trancoso---wedding-in-Bahia-3

With its beautiful sandy beaches and all year round great weather Trancoso mkes an excellent choice for a tropical wedding. Located on the beach with 7500m2 of gardens and 1700m2 of beach front the Villas can accomodate upto 200 guests for a wedding.

Wedding Brazil - Villas de Trancoso have their staff of 35 ready to cater to your needs and offer a 5 star restaurant and beach bar. They offer accommodation on site for upto 29 guests and will assist you in finding suitable hotels/pousadas for the rest of your group. Trancoso is located in Porto Seguro  in the state of Bahia. To reach Villas de Trancoso from Porto Seguro airport would take approx 1h 20 nins.

For further information about the Villas de Trancoso and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


6. Church of São Benedito at Praia dos Carneiros in the state of Pernambuco

  • Church-of-São-Benedito-at-Praia-dos-Carneiros
  • sitio-da-prainha-casamento-praia-dos-carneiros
  • sitio-da-prainha-casamento-praia-dos-carneiros-2
  • Church-of-São-Benedito-at-Praia-dos-Carneiros-2
  • pousada-praia-dos-carneiro
  • pousada-praia-dos-carneiro-2

Wedding Brazil - Praia dos Carneiros is located in the northeastern region of Pernambuco in the town of Tamandaré appox 113 km from the regions capital and airport of Recife.

This paradisiacal beach was voted one of the top 15 beaches in the world by tripadvisor, so you can see why people would be attracted to make a wedding here.

Along the beach you can find the church São Benedito in a fairytale location overlooking the beach. On this secluded beach there are also 2 options to host your guests and put on  spectacular wedding party.

Pousada praia dos carneiros and Sítio da Prainha both offer accommodation and spaces to stage events and weddings. For further information about the 2 options and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:



7. Terraço Cacupé - Florianopolis in the state of Santa Caterina

  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis-2
  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis-3
  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis-4
  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis
  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis-5
  • Terraço-Cacupé---Florianopolis-6

Wedding Brazil - Located in the southern state of Santa Caterina, Florianopolis - Terraço Cacupé provides an event space glass stucture of 2 levels overlooking the ocean and offering beautiful views of the coast.

The space can hold between 100 - 300 guest for a wedding and offers 3 salas: The principal sala, the Lounge Sala and The Terrace Sala. So as a destination you have the option to make the ceremony on top of the terrace outside or in the Principal sala should the weather not permit.

Terraço Cacupé does not provide accommodation and are specialists at Events and providing the service for your wedding, however they have all the contacts and resources to help you in dealing with the local hotels and pousadas.

Terraço Cacupé is situated approx 30 minutes drive from the airport in Florianopolis and is a beautiful city to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon.

For further information about the Terraço Cacupé and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


8. Pousada Teju on the island of  Fernando de Noronha

  • wedding-chapel---Fernando-de-Noronha
  • Fernando-de-noronha
  • Pousada-Teju-wedding-----Fernando-de-Noronha
  • Pousada-Teju---island-of--Fernando-de-Noronha
  • Pousada-wedding----Fernando-de-Noronha
  • Pousada-Teju--Fernando-de-Noronha-weddings

Wedding Brazil - Ever thought about getting married on an Archipelago? Well here is your chance! Its a relatively unknown island just off the northeastern coast of Brazil and part of the state of Pernambuco.

Fernando de Noronha is 354Km from the coast so you would need to take a flight there from Recife. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there is a daily limit of only 500 visitors to the island, so dont get any ideas about a big fancy wedding or just a big wedding should i say as a wedding on Fernando de Noronha is definately fancy.

Pousada Teju on Noronha caters for wedding parties from 10 - 70 guests and is great for a calm and initmate affair. There is a Chapel for religious weddings and the beach to make a civil ceremony. Pousada Teju offers a large garden, decoration and buffet service as part of the wedding package.

For further information about the Pousada Teju and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


9. Club Paradiso - Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia

  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro-2
  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro-3
  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro-4
  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro-5
  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro-6
  • wedding-CLUB-PARADISO-porto-seguro

Club Paradiso is located on Praia do Mutá in Porto Seguro - Bahia. The venue which also boasts a convention centre can hold a wedding from 10 - 2000 guests. The club has an All inclusive resort and can offer the whole package for your wedding with full accommodation for all your weddding guest.

Right on the beach in a preserved ecological park you have the choice to make a religious wedding in the church or a civil ceremony on the beach.

The staff will be at your disposal to organise all your needs; transport, buffet, decoration, gifts and any other details you will require. Add all this to the year round great weather in Bahia and you have a wonderful location to make your special day.

For further information about the Club Paradiso and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


10. Zéfiro Eventos in Rio de Janeiro - Wedding Brazil

  • Zéfiro-Eventos---Rio-de-Janeiro-wedding-2
  • Zéfiro-Eventos---Rio-de-Janeiro-wedding-3
  • Zéfiro-Eventos---Rio-de-Janeiro-wedding-4
  • Zéfiro-Eventos---Rio-de-Janeiro-wedding

Wedding Brazil - Zéfiro is located in Niterói overlooking the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The space holds upto 300 guests and offers both indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony.

A wedding overlooking the Sugar Loaf and a beautiful senset is definately what attracts many to choose Zefiro as their destination of choice. The space offers a flawless garden design and large glass windows providing panoramic views with also outdoor party space.

Zefiro does not offer accommodation but does offer a variety of buffet options  to choose from. With Zefiro you are close to the nature but also close to the city centre of Rio de Janeiro.

For further information about the Zefiro Eventos and to receive a quote you can contact them directly at:


Wedding Brazil - As one of the most exotic countries in the world and which offers such a variety of terrain and climates there is something for everyones tastes!

Which is your favorite wedding venue?

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  1. I got married in Ilhabela, the venue is fantastic. But the best thing was the buffet service from Famiglia Manzoni they did a service that they take mini portions around all night over 5 courses which kept the party going was unbelievable and for a good price.

  2. I got married in Ilhabela, the venue is fantastic. But the best thing was the buffet service from Famiglia Manzoni they did a service that they take mini portions around all night over 5 courses which kept the party going was unbelievable and for a good price.

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