Things to do in Búzios – 12 things you must do!

Things to do in Búzios - 12 things you must do in Armação dos Búzios !

Things to do in Buzios - Armação dos Buzios is one of Brazil's most famous beach towns located in the state of Rio de Janeiro in the region of the lakes.

Things to do in Buzios - Buzios is located approx 2 hours 30 minutes north of Rio de Janeiro in the Region of the lakes. It a coastal town famous throughout Brazil and is home of many rich and famous Brazilians. It is also the place where the Brigitte Bardot the french actress model and singer has a statue dedicated to her.

The full name of the city is Armação dos Búzios, but many just refer to as Buzios. If you are visiting Brazil and Rio de Janeiro and have a few days or more its definitely worth the rip with numerous beaches, sealife, daytrips and a booming town centre with plenty of restaurants, bars and nightlife mainly centred on the cobbled streets of Rua Das Pedras.

Here is a quick list of 12 Things to do in Buzios while visiting;

 1. Things to do in Buzios - Sunset at the beach Praia da Tartaruga

sunset-praia-tartaruga - Things to do in Buzios

Sunset Praia Tartaruga - Things to do in Buzios

Praia da Tartaruga means turtle beach in Portuguese. The beach offers lovely calm seas and is warmer than most of the the other beaches in Buzios as it does not receive the Antarctic currents that a lot of the Regions beaches feel. You can spend the afternoon there snorkelling or just laying back and eating from the kiosks on the beach or the bar / restaurant you will see on arrival to the beach. Buzios offers some of the best sunsets in Brazil and Praia da Tartaruga is one of the best places to see it.

When: Daily
Where: Praia da Tartaruga Buzios
Budget: Free beach.  $-$$ (from 1 to 80 Reais)  For restaurants or seafood on the beach.

2. Sample the nightlife and Restaurants on Rua Das Pedras

Famous Rua Das Pedras - Buzios Centre

Things to do in Buzios - Most of the restaurants, bars and nightlife are situated in the centre of Buzios around the famous Rua das Pedras, which means the cobblestone street. There are loads of restaurants, little bars, snack bars, discos and famous shopping brands all located here. The street here and around are busy all year long so its the place to go out at night.

When: Daily
Where: Located in the city centre of Buzios.
Budget: $$-$$$(from 30 to 140 Reais) Fast food, snakc bar and restaurants 

 3. Visit the church - Igreja de Sant'Ana


Igreja De Santana - Buzios

This small little church of Buzios is set above the beach at Praia dos Ossos and was built in the 1700s, the chapel is small but worth a visit. Mass usually takes place on a saturday afternoon. Also a great place to see the sunset from the top. Back when the church was built they didnt have cement so they used the fat of whales instead !

When: Open Daily
Where: On top of the hill above Praia dos Ossos
Budget: FREE

 4. Check out the red sand at Praia do Forno - Things to do in Buzios

Red Sand at ´Praia do Forno

With its red sands, Praia do Forno, one of the most preserved beaches in  Búzios, the beach can sometimes be rough but its definifitely worth a visit and you can walk around the coves and the rocks from the beach bar at the top where you can have a nice lunch. When the water is calmer its also a great place to snorkel  around near the rock pools.

When: Daily
Where: On the north eastern side of the peninsula
Budget: Free beach.  $-$$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)  For restaurant / snack bar.

 5. Take a boat trip on an Escuna

Boat Trip on Escuna Buzios

Taking a boat ride on one of the Escuna boats is the way to go to see the beaches of Buzios. With over 20 beaches in the area you are seriously spoilt for choice but a half day trip on the boats will take you to some of the islands near the coast that you couldn't reach by car and some of the famous beaches too such as Azeda and Joâo Fernandes where you can stop for an hour or so. A typical boat ride costs between 30 - 50 BRL $ but there are also private options costing more should you prefer. Take sunscreen as the Escuna boats have sails but little in the way of shade.

When:  Daily in the mornings
Where: At the pier near Rua Das Pedras or ask in your accommodation
Budget: $-$$ (from 30 to 80 Reais) 

6. Praia Azeda and Azedinha - Things to do in Buzios

Praia Azeda and Azedinha

Praia Azeda and Azedinha

Things to do in Buzios - Praia Azeda and Azedinha are two beaches pretty much attached to each other. The beach is only about 200 metres long in total and fills up quickly as its one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil according to many of the guide  books. So get their early if you want to find some deckchairs and an umbrella. The waters are turquoise, calm and just ideal for a full day at the beach. There is a trail walking from Praia dos Ossos to arrive but max 15 min walk.

When: Daily
Where: On the north eastern side of the peninsula taking the trail from Praia dos Ossos
Budget: $$-$$(from 30 to 80 Reais) For a typical lunch on the beach

7. Walk from Orla Bardot to Praia dos Ossos

Orla Bardot Buzios

Orla Bardot Buzios

The Orla is a lovely place to take a walk at any time of the day whether your up early in the morning or to digest your meal from one of the restaurants near Rua Das Pedras. There are also plenty of bars and eateries on the way down the Orla too and its where you will find the statue of Brigitte Bardot.

When: Daily
Where: In the centre of Buzios an extension from Rua Das Pedras
Budget: Free

8. Porto da Barra for bars and restaurants

Porto da Barra Buzios

Porto da Barra Buzios

Porta da Barra is located in the Manguinhos area of Buzios and and built at the side of the Port. It has a rustic wooden feel to it and is a collection of bars and restaurants in a dark light setting at night where there are lots of bars and restaurants all located together. Its a good alternative than to going to eat in the centre of the city near Rua Das Pedras and Orla Bardot.

When: Open Daily
Where: Manguinhos
Budget: $$-$$$(from 30 to 140 Reais) For a typical meal per person

9. Praia João Fernandes and the mirante.

Praia Joao Fernandes mirante Things to do in Buzios

Praia Joao Fernandes mirante - Things to do in Buzios

Located in the north of the peninsula of Armação dos Búzios the beach João Fernandes is one of the most popular beaches with good infrastucture of bars and restaurants and crystal clear calm waters. You can take short boat ride around to Praia João Fernandinho which cannot be reached on foot. Then at the end of the day head up the to Mirante where you have panoramic views of the whole coast, it really is breathtaking.

When: Daily
Where: You The north end of the peninsula on Rua Praia de João Fernandes
Budget: $$-$$(from 30 to 80 Reais) For a typical lunch on the beach

10. Take a diving lesson


Buzios Diving

Take a diving lesson or go out with the team if you already know how. Buzios Divers are an experienced team that can show you the marine life that Rio de Janeiro has to offer. They specialize in safety first and have all the certifications and options for qualified and non qualified divers. Go out and see the turtles, sting rays and other sealife. They leave in the mornings at 9am and in the afternoons at 3pm. For a beginner course out at sea will cost around 350 Brl $.

When: Daily
Where: Rua da Esperança, 458
Budget: $$$$(more than 250 Reais) For a beginner course

11. Take a daytrip to Arraial do Cabo


Pontal de Atalaia - Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is located approx 1 hour from Buzios and is south towards Rio De Janeiro just after Cabo Frio. Arraial do Cabo has some of the most picturesque beaches in the whole country and the water is a mesmerizing shade of turqoise. You can take a boat or coach tour to Arraial from Buzios and visit the most famous beach Praia do Pontal de Atalaia which is in a bay  looking out at the island Ilha do Cabo Frio. The water is colder here though as the current comes from the south pole which causes the sea to be this wonderful colour. Prices range from 70 - 90 Brl $ for a boat trip.

When: Daily
Where: Tour Agencies in town centre
Budget: $$$(from 30 to 140 Reais)

12. Brigitte Bardot Statue for a photo  - Things to do in Buzios

brigitte-bardot-statue-Things to do in Buzios

Brigitte Bardot Statue- Things to do in Buzios

Things to do in Buzios - Brigitte Bardot the famous French model, singer and star made Búzios famous not only throughout the world but with Brazilians too. She visited and fell in love with the town in the 1960s and soon other celebrities and the people from Rio followed making Buzios the cool place to go. You will find the statue of her on the Orla Bardot named after her.

When: Daily
Where: Orla Bardot
Budget: Free

Budget Classification

$ 1 to 30 reais
$$ from 30 to 80 reais
$$$ from 80 to 140 reais
$$$$ from 140 to 250 reais
$$$$$ more than 250 reais

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