20 Things to do in Rio De Janeiro

Things to do in Rio De Janeiro

Getting Started in Rio de Janeiro - THINGS TO DO

For you to enjoy the Carnival, Beaches and much more, we chosen 20 places to visit while in Rio de Janeiro.

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - So, you are planning your vacations. Sun, nature, party is all you are thinking about. Before you head off on your travels, if you have any kids, make sure all their homework is done before you go. You do not want to be the one having to ask someone for physics hw help because you know nothing about it. Do not leave it to the last minute. Anyway, back to the holiday.

You choose Rio, the wonderful city (cidade maravilhosa as the natives call it). The smell of the sand beach and the sound of samba are already in your mind, you are packing, but have not yet planned your route? We are going to help you with 20 amazing places you cannot miss when in Rio de Janeiro.

 1. Corcovado-Cristo Redentor - Things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Corcovado - Cristo Redentor

When you think about Rio, the iconic image of the Christ with open arms, is the first that comes in the mind of mostly people.Located in the Corcovado Mountain, the Christ is not the only attraction. The path to get there will take you in a beautiful adventure into the woods. Expect to take at least 4 hours in the visits, 2 hours roundtrip, time to wait for the transport and 1 hour to visit the Christ.

When: daily
Where: You need to go till Cosme Velho Street. And from there you can go walking, by train or by van.
Budget: Walking is free, train and van $$-$$$ (from 30 to 140 Reais)

2. Copabacana


Copacabana Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - A traditional neighboorhood in Rio, with its sinous black and white calçada. In front of the beach, do not miss the Swimming Pool Bar located in the Copacabana Palace Hotel, the most luxury hotel in the city, built in the 1920s, with an artdeco atmosphere. If you want to have a classy day and meet beautiful people in Rio while taking a drink in the pool bar, this is the place of choice.

When: daily, depending on season and events there you should reserve on advance
Where: Nearby Ipanema and Leblon neighborhood.
Budget: The beach is free. Deckchairs/umbrella $ (from 1 to 30 Reais) . Restaurants and bars from $$ - $$$ (from 30 to 140 Reais)

 3. Ipanema


Ipanema Rio de Janeiro

Its famous beach, the one of the song Girl of Ipanema, composed the fathers of Bossa Nova, is a traditional option to cariocas to spend time and play sports, a local passion. You have to compete to get a place under the sun there but it worth the dispute.

When: 7 days a week
Where: In the South Zone
Budget: The beach is free. Deckchairs/umbrella $ (from 1 to 30 Reais) . Restaurants and bars from $$ - $$$$$ (from 30 to 250+Reais)

 4. Leblon - Things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Leblon beach Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - Although not as popular as its neighbor beach Ipanema, it has a green water beach, with a spectacular view of Two Brothers Mountains, that cuts the litoral landscape. But Leblon has much more to offer. Upscale restaurants and nightclubs. At the Avenue   find high class restaurants, stores and services.

When: 7 days a week
Where: South Zone
Budget: The beach is free. Deckchairs/umbrella $ (from 1 to 30 Reais) . Restaurants and bars from $$ - $$$$$ (from 30 to 250+Reais)

 5. Lapa


Lapa Rio de Janeiro

Few years ago it was a no-go area for tourists and residents due violence. It was pacified and now is one of the most vibrant nightlife zones in the city, with affordable prices. When there, walk in the famous stairs-Escadaria Selaron- that for sure you saw in Brazilian movies, videoclips and magazines.

When: 7 days a week
Where: Near Downtown
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais) medium priced for bars and restaurants.

6. Jardim Botânico - Things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - The Jardim Botânico or Botanical Garden reunites the diversity of the Brazilian flora, where more than 65000 species can be seen. Built in the 1800s, it is one the most imponent Botanical Gardens in the world. This is a place to admire the nature, and medidate about life, while observing an incredible quantity of vegetable species.

When: Sunday 08h-12h, Tuesdays to Saturdays 08h-17h
Where: Jardim Botânico Street, 1008.
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

7. Confeitaria Colombo


Confeitaria Colombo Rio de Janeiro

This patisserie opened its doors in 1894, and never closed since, being part of the cultural heritage of the city. It   reunites thousands of visitants each year to breath history and taste one of the best strawberries cakes in the town. Be aware of the waiting time.

When: 7 days a week
Where: Rua Gonçalves Dias, 32, Downtown.
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

8. Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - Museu de Arte Contemporânea


Museu de Arte Contemporânea Rio de Janeiro

If you are tired of the beach/bars circuit, the Museu de Arte Contemporânea is one of the things to do in Rio de Janeiro to give a break and see important works of contemporary Brazilian art, that developed an unique style in the hands of artists as Tarsila do Amaral and Portinari. Its building follow the Brazilian archicteture rationalist style.

When: Tuesday to Friday 12-18h, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 12-19h.
Where: Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85 - Parque do Flamengo
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

9. Biblioteca Nacional- National Library


Biblioteca Nacional National Library Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese immigrants, only 15 years after the Brazilian independence, reunited to edificate a place where they could illustrate their spirits; In 1900 it became the National Library, in the time Rio was the capital of Brazil. It has one of the most important literary collections in the world and a breathtaking archicteture.

When: Mon to Fri, from 09h to 17h, Saturday and Sundays, from 10:30 to 14h
Where: Av. Rio Branco 219, downton.
Budget: Free Entrance

10. Maracanã - Things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Maracanã Rio de Janeiro

Beyond football fans, Maracanã is an icon of the Rio landscape. It was built to hold the first FIFA World Cup that took place in Brazil, in the 1950s. Back then, it was the biggest stadium in the world, reuniting more than 100.000 people. Throughout these years, Maracanã saw many important matches, and is the home of one of the most important clubs in Brazil, Flamengo. Received a makeover to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Edition.

When: daily 09am to 17
Where: Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco, s/n – Portão 2
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais) Depending on the type of musuem tour or whether you wish to see a game

11. Floresta da Tijuca


Floresta da TijucaRio-de Janeiro

The National Park of Tijuca is one of the most important forests in urban areas in the world. Perfect to do outdoor activities as walking and rappel, you will not even need a guide. Breathe deep and take a look on this incredible landscape. A curiosity: the forest is not natural, as it was planted by order of Dom Pedro Emperor since 1861.

When: 7 days a week, from 08h to 17h in winter and till 18h in summer time.
Where: A - CEP: 20.531-590 RIO DE JANEIRO - TEL.: (21) 2491-1700
Budget: Free Entrance

12. Feira de São Cristovão


Feira de São Cristovão Rio de Janeiro

Feira de São Cristóvão is a cultural space that reunites stores, concerts and culinary options that displays the culture of the Northeast of Brazil. Handcrafted products, typical food as baião de dois and pamonha, and regional music, mainly forró, Feira de São Cristóvão is a good option to dive into the Brazilian culture and taste it in all its flavours. Get a look in the diversity of Brazilian folklore and enjoy good food.

When: Tuesdays-Thursdays from 10h-18h Weekends: from Friday 10am to Sunday 21pm.
Where: Campo de São Cristóvão S/N - Pavilhão de São Cristóvão - Bairro de São Cristóvão
Budget: Free Entrance, local stores

13. Pão de Açucar


Pão de Açucar Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - The Pão de Açúcar is one of the most important atractions in Rio. Its the place to take the famous bondinho, the one yous saw in the James Bond movies. The time to climb is 10 minutes and you can have a view of the skyline of Rio. Take a visit at night and see the lights of the city.

When: 7 days a week, tickets store till 20h
Where: Urca
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

14. Planetarium


Planetarium Rio de Janeiro

This is for the geeks or for those traveling with children. Nearby Jardim Botânico, you can visit the Planetarium, with interesting programs on sciences, a science museum that simulates spatial flights and the Carl Sagan room, the best in Latin America to sky observatioon.

When: Monday to Friday, from 09h to 17h, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, 14:30 to 17h
Where: Rua Vice Governador Rubens Berardo, 100 - Gávea
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

15. Palacio do Catete


Palacio do Catete Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - Located in the Catete, a charming and historical place near downtown, this Palace, in neoclassical style, was the government head from 1898 to 1960. Best known for be the place where the president Getúlio Vargas committed suicided, it has a piece of Brazilian history.

When: 7 days a week, from 10 am.
Where: Rua do Catete, 153.
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

16. Samba Luzia Rio


Samba Luzia Rio de Janeiro

The real samba na lage or samba on the roof, a traditional favela lifestyle clubbing, this club gives the best of traditional carioca music for you. You will listen samba de raíz or root samba, in this place that is located nearby the Santos Dumont Airport.

When: Fridays, from 22h onwards!
Where: Av. Almirante Silvio de Noronha, 300 - Centro
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

17. International Museum of Naif Art


MIAN Rio de Janeiro

You read well. Is not surrealist, but naif art. The pieces are surprising and its archives go back to art objetcs of the XV century. Worth the visit for the unexpected.

When: Tuesday to Friday from 10h to 18h, Saturday and Sunday 10h to 17h
Where: Rua Cosme Velho, 561
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

18. Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas - Things to do in Rio de Janeiro


Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Rio de

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - A place full of options to practice sports, take coconut water and see the view. Nature is the strong point of the city and the Lagoa, or Lake, competes with the sea.In the Christmas there is the famous Three of meter high, catching our attention to the lake.

When: 7 days a week
Where: The lake crosses several neighboorhoods
Budget: Free entrance

19. Ilha Fiscal


Ilha Fiscal Rio de Janeiro

When in downtown, take the boat to visit the Ilha Fiscal or Tax Island, an architectonic complex built by the Portuguese Royal Family to tax the Colony and the Castle was the stage of the last ball of the Royals, soon before the Republic Proclmation.

When: only Saturday and Sundays, at 12h, 14h and 15:30
Where: The access is done through the Museu Naval through microbus or the boat Nogueira da Gama.
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

20. Favela da Rocinha


Favela da Rocinha Rio de Janeiro

Things to do in Rio de Janeiro - And at last, what you were expecting, get to know a Rio slum and enjoy the best of Carnival preparations. This exotic trip will put you in contact with the community life, and you will get to see the scenes of famous movies as Elite Troop. The favela was pacified, but contact an official agent and see the favela colours and listen the essence of Rio music.

When: Contact a official agent or tour guide
Where: Favela da Rocinha
Budget: $$   (from 30 to 80 Reais)

Budget Classification

$ 1 to 30 reais
$$ from 30 to 80 reais
$$$ from 80 to 140 reais
$$$$ from 140 to 250 reais
$$$$$ more than 250 reais

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