Visa for Brazil – Visa to live and work in Brazil

Visa for Brazil - Visa to live and work in Brazil

Visa for Brazil - Brazil is one of the emerging economies, the 6th in size in the world . With a market of 200 million inhabitants, even if recession is on the horizon, there are plenty of opportunities to those who want to grub the country, and the realization of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio for sure is one of these great chances to make career in Brazil. If you dream about white beaches, green waters or the Brazilian Way of Life, prepare your havaianas sandals and your documents.

The path is not easy but we will guide you through the Brazilian bureaucracy to get your permits on time to work, study and live in the country.

Visa for Brazil - Do I need a visa to enter Brazil?

You are a tourist:

Visa for Brazil - Applying a principle of international law, reciprocity, the countries that do not require visa from Brazilians to enter their country, do not need a Visa to enter Brazil in the tourist category, what can save you not just visits to the Consulate, but money.

Check at the webpage of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations at www. to see if you need a Visa to enter in Brazil as a tourist. The list is by country.

The general rule is that you can stay as tourist up to 3 months.

Click here to know if you need a visa to enter Brazil as a tourist: Quadro geral de regime de vistos para a entrada de estrangeiros no Brasil

If you are not a tourist, proceed to the following:

So, what kind of visa do I need?

Permanent Visa (VIPER)

If you are coming for family reunion

If you are transferring residence after retirement

If you want to have personal investment in Brazil, you can apply to the VIPER.

Temporary Visas


If you come for study exchange- not student in an official facility, scientific research, activities of social assistance or religious assistance, training of athletes younger than 21 years old.


Business Visa (VITEM II)

Visa for Brazil - If you are a journalist that comes to Brazil aiming to interview or do photo/video shooting.

If you are adopting Brazilian children.

If your company is visiting the country aiming to sign contracts, buy products and services and research business opportunities in the country. For more information, click here:aqui.


If you come for Artistic and sportive performances.


If you are a student or an intern.


If you come to provide technical assistance, with or without work contract, immigration under Brazilian contract, training in Brazilian companies and ship crew.


If you are a Media Foreign correspondent.


Visa for Brazil - If you are in Religious Missions

For more information access:, (The link is in Portuguese).

Visa for Brazil- How do I ask for visa to work and study in Brazil ?

If you already identified your category of visa, now, you need to proceed with the following steps to ask a visa: You must fill the Form of Solicitude of Visas, available at Formulário de Pedido de Visto (click here, Visa Application in Portuguese).

You must hold a valid passport at the moment of the solicitude

You must pay the consulate taxes and have the certificate on hands

If needed you must provide an International Certificate of Vaccines

The Consulate can ask additional documents regarding the type of the visa you asked for.

Practical information- what do I need to know when applying to a Brazilian Visa

All visa solicitudes must be presented in the General Consulate in your country, with previous appointment, that must be done at the following link:

•You must pay consulate taxes, that must be paid at the correspondent Bank in your country, following instructions that will be provided by the Consulate.

• Passports can be taken from the General Consulate during the period of visa processing, if the solicitor needs to travel to third foreign countries.;

• Once issued by the Brazilian authorities, the Consulate will contact you to inform that you can take your passport.

Dont forget to keep in hands your financial certificates, property certificates and any document that can prove your ability to maintain yourself and/or your family in the country, when the visa you are applying for is not work permit sponsored by a company who operates within the country.

Visa for Brazil - I want to work in Brazil:

In order to you have a paid job in Brazil you need to obtain a residence permission , which can be temporary or permanent and a work visa (Autorização de Trabalho).

The first step must be done by your employers, that will solicit a work permission in the Labor Ministry (Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego), presenting an employment contract, paired with other documents as your passport and the criminal records.

If the Labor Ministry allows you to work In the country, you need to solicit a visa to reside in the country from the Embassy or Consulate in the country you are current residing.

How to solicit a work permit always be gifted logics

Visa for Brazil - In order to apply to a work permit, you future employer must deliver your Curriculum Vitae, certificates, documents proving you education and work experience, together with a notaried copy of you passport in the Immigration Coordination in the Labor Ministry.

Regarding the type of visa you are soliciting, additional documents may be asked by the Brazilian government. You can find the list of necessary documents in the webpage of the Ministry, linking here: Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego .

All documents must be certified by the Brazilian Authority and must be translated into Portuguese before be submmited . The approval will be send to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, that will authorize the Embassy or the responsible consulate in you country to start the work visa process.

Work Visa

To be able to apply to a work visa in your country, you must hold a passport valid for at least 6 months, fill the application form available in the Consulate and deliver two copies of it, two passport photos and a criminal Record not older than three months.

Visa for Brazil - What kind of Work visa you need

The type of work visa you Will need Will depend of the activity you Will exercise in the country. Different jobs and qualifications will demand different work visas. They also can be classified as temporary and permanent.

Temporary Work Visa V

If you are a foreign employee, you Will obtain a temporary work visa, issued, initially, for two years. One extension of more two years is authorized, IF it is solicited thirty days before the expiration of the first visa. After four years of continuously work in the country, the company can apply to a permanent work visa. Be aware that an expat in a temporary work visa cannot change job in the country without express permission.

The work visa usually is only issued to the foreigns whose future employer is a company registered in Brazil. There are exceptions however, as the technical assistance and professional assistance. To be sure of the correct visa you need, ask information in the Brazilian Consulate nearby you or consult the following Procedure guides-guia de Procedimento - concerning the work permit, informed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (Minstério do Trabalho e Emprego).

Permanent Work Visa

Visa for Brazil - A permanent work visa Will be issued to the foreigns that have the right to reside in Brazil permanently. Usually, this is the case of professional researchers or scientists that Will have to exercise an activity for more than two

years in the country, or people who are investing more than US$ 50000,00 as individual or more than US$ 200.000,00 to companies, managers or directors. To more information regarding you particular case, consult the Brazilian Embassy or the Consulate near you, or consul the proceedings guide, in the following link: guia de Procedimento.

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