Facts About Natal – 14 interesting facts about Natal you must know!

Facts About Natal - 14 Interesting things you should know !

Facts about Natal - Take a quick read of the 14 interesting and fun facts about Natal in Brazil the capital of the North Eastern state of Rio Grande do Norte. With a regional population of approx 3.4 million people and the city itself close to 1 million inhabitants. .

Facts about Natal - So lets have a look as some interesting facts about Natal in Brazil.

1. Natal (Brazilian Portuguese: "Christmas") is the capital and largest city of the state Rio Grande do Norte, located in northeastern Brazil. - Facts about Natal.

2. It is the closest state capital of Brazil to Africa and Europe.

3. It was first visited by European navigators in 1501, in the 1501–1502 Portuguese expedition led by Amerigo Vespucci, who named the spot after the saint of the day.

Amerigo vespucci - Facts about Natal

Amerigo Vespucci - Facts about Natal

4. At time of it discovery, it was occupied by Potiguar tribe.

5. Natal was founded on December 25, 1599, giving the village outside the fort the modern name of the city.

6. The sandy soil of Natal prevented the city from becoming a producer of sugarcane during the colonial times. - Facts about Natal

7. For centuries, the economy of the state was based on the raising of cattle in the dry interior lands. Cattle were sent alive to the larger centers, to be used as traction, or were turned into jerked beef, for food; the most typical food of Natal, "carne de sol" (sun meat), has origins in that jerked beef.

8. Because of its strategic position Natal is one of the cities in Brazil nearest to Western Europe and Africa, especially Dakar, Senegal, an American air base was built in a suburb of Natal named Parnamirim during World War II, as part of the so-called Operation Rainbow. This base provided support for allied troops fighting in North Africa.

9.  With its dozens of sandy, white beaches, such as Ponta Negra and its famous Morro do Careca, Tabatinga - the cliff of dolphins, Pirangi, Redinha, Pipa and Genipabu.

raia do Pipa Natal - Facts about Natal

Praia do Pipa Natal - Facts about Natal

10. It was the only host city at time of FIFA World Cup 2014 in the Amazon rainforest and the most geographically isolated, being further north and west than any of the other host cities.

11. Natal was the first city in Brazil to be introduced to chewing gum brought to the city by the Amercans during the second world war and they were also the first to drink Coca-cola for the same reason.

12. The Sand dunes park -  Parque Estadual Dunas do Natal is the second largest urban park in Brazil with 1172 hectors. - Facts about Natal

13. Natal is also know as the land of shrimps in which its many restaurants are famous for the variety of shrimp dishes such as shrimps with oil and garlic, with pumpkin and cream cheese, 4 cheeses shrimp and many other weird and wacky variations.

Worlds largest cashew tree - Facts about Natal

Worlds largest cashew tree - Facts about Natal

14. The worlds largest Cashew tree can be found in Natal and occupies an incredible 80,000 square feet and produces of 80,000 pieces of fruit per year.

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