Facts About Maceio – 11 interesting facts about Maceio you must know!

Facts About Maceió - 11 Interesting things you should know !

Facts about Maceió - Take a quick read of the 15 interesting and fun facts about Maceio in Brazil the capital of the North Eastern state of Alagoas. With a population of approx 1 million and is the 17th most populous city in Brazil.

Facts about Maceio - So lets have a look as some interesting facts about Maceió in Brazil.

1. Maceió is the capital and the largest city of the coastal state of Alagoas, Brazil.

2. The name "Maceió" is of Indigenous origin, and designates the naturally spontaneous courses of water which flow out of the soil. - Facts about Maceio

3. Most maceiós flow to the sea, but some get trapped and form lakes ("lagoas", in Portuguese), hence the name of the state Alagoas.

4. The city began in an old sugar mill and plantation complex around the 19th century followed by coconut, leather, and some spices. Prosperity made it possible for the settlement to become a village on December 5, 1815.

Facts about Maceio

Facts about Maceio

5. Facts about Maceio - Maceió has a typical tropical climate, specifically a tropical monsoon climate (Köppen climate classification: Am), with warm to hot temperatures and high relative humidity all throughout the year, the yearly average temperature is 78F and in the summertime Dec-Mar reaches above 100f

6. The city is located between Mundaú Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.

7. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Maceió.

8. According to the Brazilian Yearbook of Public Safety, Maceió is the second most violent city in Brazil. It is also among the 50 most violent cities in Latin America.  - Facts about Maceio

9.  Maceió is the second most visited city by the tourists that visit the Northeast, behind only Fortaleza.

10. The second president of Brazil and the first vice-president (Floriano Peixoto) is from Maceió.

11. The Lagoa Mundaú is salty in some parts, sharks have already been found there.

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