Facts about Florianopolis – 15 Interesting things you should know!

Facts about Florianopolis - 15 Interesting things you should know!

Facts about Florianopolis - For those of you visiting or just interested here are some quikc facts about the city of Florianopolis in Santa Caterina Brazil.

1. Florianópolis is the capital city of the province of Santa Caterina in the second most southern state of Brazil.

2. Half of the city of Florianópolis is on mainland brazil and the other half on the island of Santa Caterina.

3. The city has a population estimated at 420,000 and the metropolitan area of around 1,000,000 inhabitants.

4. The  famous Hercílio Luz Bridge that crosses to the island t is 819m long and was built in 1926.

5. Facts about Florianopolis - The original name of Florianópolis was known as Nossa Senhora do Desterro, which means Our Lady of Banishment.

Figueira at praça XV in Florianopolis

Figueira at praça XV in Florianopolis

6. The name Florianópolis was made tribute to Marshall Floriano Peixoto. Peixoto was the second President of Republic of Brazil.

7.  Florianópolis boasts 42 beaches.

8. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen and Gustavo Kuerten the ex tennis player were both born in Florianópolis.

9. The city's official date of founding is 23rd March 1726, and there are big celebrations each year.

10.  Facts about Florianopolis - The area of Florianópolis covers 433 square kilometres.

Praia do Campeche Florianopolis

Praia do Campeche Florianopolis

11.   In Praça XV de Novembro you will find the "Velha Figueira" which is a huge fig tree over 144 years old born in 1871.

12. 90% of the population of Florianópolis are white with european descent mainly from Portugal, Germany and Italy.

13.  The city ranks high for development and has a 97% literacy rate compared to the country average of 90%.

14.  Florianópolis has the nickname of the "silicon valley of Brazil" due to its investment and innovation in technology.

15.  Facts about Florianopolis - A person from  Florianópolis is called florianopolitano or Floriano. From the state   State Santa Caterina they are Caterinense or barriga-verde.

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