Facts About Brasília – 11 Things you should know !

Facts About Brasília - 11 Interesting things you should know !

Facts about Brasília - Take a quick read of the 11 interesting and fun facts about Brasília the capital city of Brazil. Although Brasília is the capital of Brazil its not as famous as some of the other coast cities in the country such as Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo. But Brasília although has a short history its a fascinating city too.

So lets have a look as some interesting facts about the Capital City of Brazil.

1. Brasília was founded on the 21st April 1960.

2. Brasília was built in and amazing 41 months, from 1956 to April 21, 1960 it inauguration date.

3. If you look at the city from above it is built in the shape of an airplane with a monumental axis from east to west holding government buildings and monuments.

4. The people from Brasília are known as brasilienses or candangos.

facts about brasilia

facts about brasilia

5. Buildings and businesses of the same kind are kept together, you will find all the supermarkets in the same place, all the hotels together etc.

6. Brasilia was built to bring progress to the interior of Brasil as the new capital instead of Rio De Janeiro on the coast.

7. The metropolitan area of Brasília has a population of approximately 2.5 Million people.

8. The name Brasília was first proposed in 1822 but it took over a 100 years for construction to begin.

9. On the view from above the city "airplane shape" the planes nose oare the government’s main buildings of the three branches (executive, legislative and judiciary), representing the command of the country.

10. Brasília is built around an artificial lake Paranoá.

lagoa paranoa brasilia facts about brasilia

lagoa paranoa brasilia facts about brasilia

11. Brasilia has the highest GDP per capita of all Brazil and  the major Latin American cities.

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