Restaurants in Sao Paulo – Top places to eat at an affordable price

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Top places to eat at an affordable price

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Soyou left your wallet at Fasano and enjoyed the best of the Morumbi. And you are thinking you are lost! But do not worry, we selected 15 places in the city with affordable prices and good, Latin American food.

1. Casa Cury - Restaurants in Sao Paulo



Arab food is always a good request, even more when in a budget. The atmosphere is of a bistro, the food is good at human prices.

When: From Wednesday to friday, from 17h to 23:30, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:30 to 18h
Where: Rua apinajés, 597. vila Pompéia
What to order: Falafel, shawarma
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

2. Minato Izakaya


Minato Izakaya Sao Paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - If there is a place to eat good Japanese food outside Japan, is São Paulo for sure. But this place mixes Japanese food with Brazilian style (boteco). Enjoy the food while talk to the chef that always like to exchange ideas with the clients.

When: Monday to Saturday 18h30 - 00h; Sundays Closed
Where: Rua dos pinheiros, 1308
What to order: A little bit of everything
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

3. Mega Max


Mega Max Sao Paulo

If you are missing junk food, this place is ideal, but it keep on the health side. It has home made burgers for all tastes and sizes.

When: From 12h to 00h
Where: Praça josé antônio chiarela, 90, vila salete-penha
What to order: Depending on your hungry, they have from petite to giant sizes
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

4. Confeitaria Little - Restaurants in Sao Paulo


Confeitaria Little Sao Paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Although the name, it serves exquisite italian lunches, and of course the best of the desserts. In the heart of Vila Buarque they say some famous frequent the place.

When: Monday to Fridays 7h- 21h; saturday from 7h to 16h
Where: R. general jardim, 468 - vila buarque
What to order: Lunch, italian candies
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

5. Oriental Ting


Oriental Ting sao paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Chinese is the another classic of the budget food. Although not as big as the Japanese, São Paulo also has Chinese immigrants, that are on the rise in the past decade. Traditional chinese food with homemade flavor, for sure a good option.

When: Daily except mondays
Where: R. cerro corá, 2034 - lapa
What to order: Fish and bananas with sugar
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

6. Baruk- Itaim Bibi


Baruk Ita im Bibi Sao Paulo

The neighborhood is trendy and so is the food. Colorful look, and rodizio system, this is the place for the hungries or those who can not take decisions!

When: Lunch: Monday to Sunday from 12h to 17h ; Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday from 19h to 23h; Monday, Sunday and Holidays 19h to 22h
Where: Rua Bandeira Paulista, 399
What to order: Rodízio (All you can eat!), taste them all
Budget: $$$ (from 80 to 140 Reais)

7. El Guaton - Restaurants in Sao Paulo


El Guaton Sao Paulo

So you are in Latin America. And you want taste beyond the Brazilian food. Go for Chilean with El Guaton, that makes awesome empanadas and save your pocket. A cheap and good option a Pinheiros neighborhood.

When: Daily from 12h to 00h
Where: Rua arthur de azevedo, 906 - pinheiros
What to order: Empanadas
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

8. Ella


Ella Sao Paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - The city was colonized by Italians, so you can not leave without trying good italian food as it were from your mama! The place is small, but stylish, and the chef Alessandro Romano, ex-Fasano, commands the kitchen. Do not miss.

When: From 12:45 to 17h, from 19h to 22h45, tuesdays-sundays
Where: Rua Costa Carvalho, 138 - Pinheiros - São Paulo
What to order: Octopus salad
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

9. Goshala


Goshala Sao Paulo

The vegans were not forgotten.Good food at fair prices, the best of the vegetarian IN São Paulo.

When: mondays to fridays: 12h - 15h, saturdays/sundays: 12h30 - 16h
Where: Rua dos Pinheiros, 267, Pinheiros
What to order: Moqueca de Caju
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

10. Empório Nordestino - Restaurants in Sao Paulo


Empório Nordestino sao paulo

Northeast Brazilian food, characterized by the mix of Portuguese, African and Native. This melting pot makes good food. Located in a classical mansion in the Freguesia do Ó neighbourhood, it is a good option to feel local.

When: tuesdays to thursdays 11h30 - 15h30 17h30 - 23h / Saturday and Sundays 11h30 -01h / Monday closed / Sunday 11h30 - 18h
Where: Largo Da Matriz De Nossa Senhora Do Ó, 144 - Freguesia Do Ó - São Paulo
What to order: Contrafilé do Empório
Budget: $ (from 1 to 30 Reais)

11. Casa Portuguesa


Casa Portuguesa Sao Paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Portuguese food is charming. Seafood, good Porto wine, and the most exquisite egg sweets, you must try at least once. The base of the Brazilian food, but with a mediterranean touch, you will like this exotic cuisine. The Casa Portuguesa is one of the most traditional places in the city to eat food and drink better at portuguese style.

When: Daily
Where: Rua Cunha Gago, 656 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05421-001
What to order: Bolinho de bacalhau with Porto Wine
Budget: $$$ (from 80 to 140 Reais)

12. Brasiliani


Brasiliani Sao Paulo

The true Nona food, this Italian restaurant at Vila Romana (pretty obvious, isn't it) will not let you hungry. Comfy food and high energy atmosphere, this typical Italian cantina is the place to go and try chicken galeto and corn polenta.

When: Sundays to Mondays, 12h-15h, then from 17h to 23h
Rua Marco Aurélio, 102 - Vila Romana, São Paulo
What to order: Go with the Chef's suggestion
Budget: $$ (from 30 to 80 Reais)

13. Maria Escaleira


Maria Escaleira Sao Paulo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo - Polish food in São Paulo, is what you are going to find at Maria Escaleira. The only Polish restaurant in the city, provides you a different option to the Japanese, Arabic, Italian circuit. The place is admonished accordingly.

When: Tuesdays-Fridays,from 12h to 15h and 18h to 23h (Fridays until 24h);Saturday from 12h to 24h; Sunday, from 12h to 17h.
Where: Mourato Coelho, 53 - Pinheiros, São Paulo
What to order: Pierogi (Dumplings), Goulash, Bigos.
Budget: $$$ (from 80 to 140 Reais)

14. La Pergoletta


La Pergoletta Sao Paulo

This Italian charming bistro, located in the Itaim Bibi trendy neighborhood is the place to enjoy your food while watching the movement- they have tables outside! Italian food at affordable prices and charming touch, you can not miss it.

When: Tuesday to Saturday 11h-15h and from 19h-23h; Sundays 10h-16h
Where: Rua Doutor Renato Paes de Barros, 435 - Itaim Bibi - São Paulo
What to order: Bruschetta, Lasagna, Tiramisú
Budget: $$$ (from 80 to 140 Reais)

15. Rong He Liberdade - Restaurants in Sao Paulo


Rong He Liberdade Sao-Paulo

The simple eateries are crowded so for sure the food is delicious. For those who like oriental food and love a lamen, you are at home. Located in the Japanese District, you have your choice to taste all sort of lamens.

When: Daily from 11:30 to 15, from 18h to 22:30
Where: Rua da Glória, 622 - Liberdade, São Paulo
What to order: Rice lamen
Budget: $$$ (from 80 to 140 Reais)

Budget Classification

$ 1 to 30 reais
$$ from 30 to 80 reais
$$$ from 80 to 140 reais
$$$$ from 140 to 250 reais
$$$$$ more than 250 reais

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